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Trust, care, and passion are the groundwork of our process. Those are the core values that we look for in our talent.



The foundation of our values is Trust. This is the nucleus that unites our company and guides our actions. By trusting each other, we’ve been able to create a successful and empowering workplace.

Having trust in each other means we Care about the feeling and thoughts of all our team members. It also means we don’t micromanage people but create an accountability environment for everyone to Own and fully commit to all our tasks. We trust everyone’s eagerness to Learn will give us outstanding results and help us better understand in what direction we want to grow. Our clients trust in us motivates our team to go above and beyond to be truly Customer Driven.

Our differences are what make us unique and special, and we trust everyone at Optic Power to build a Curious and Non-judgmental working environment.

 We Care 

We are passionate about creating a safe, motivating, and empathetic environment. We care for our employees’ well-being and aspirations to thrive both in and outside the workplace. We celebrate their successes, stand in solidarity during their hardships, and, most importantly, provide them with formal and informal mechanisms to share concerns, suggestions, and ideas.

 We Own It 

We honor people who take responsibility for their actions, whether executing a task, working on a project, or simply interacting with their coworkers. Accountability leads to improved performance, better outcomes, and an inspiring workplace. To enhance this, we make sure to communicate our goals and expectations clearly. We provide honest and constructive feedback during regular performance reviews and treat mistakes as learning opportunities rather than criticize our employees for them.

 We love to 


We consider learning a lifelong quest for knowledge and inspiration. We value those willing to step out of their comfort zone and face new challenges. We encourage learning and development through open communication, coaching, teamwork, formal training programs, individual career paths, and failures and successes.

 We are 

 Customer Driven 

Our entire business structure is built around our customers. We actively engage with and listen to our customers to effectively help meet their needs. We aspire to become a stronghold in our customers’ growth journey through diligence, guidance, and support.

 We are Curious 

We have created an environment of acceptance. We celebrate individualism and respect everyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, nationality, religious beliefs, etc. We listen carefully and work closely with our team to create a safe and broad-minded workplace. By embracing our differences, we strive to build a positive and cohesive company culture that can support personal and company growth and success.

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