Meet the people responsible for leading Optic Power’s success.


 Matthew Sopiars 


Matthew is a proactive business professional with over a decade’s experience developing and accelerating new businesses, direct and indirect marketing, and sales management. As CEO, Matthew provides his unique point of view, know-how, experience, and passion for ensuring our clients the most exceptional level of attention to help them achieve their goals.

 Matt Van Veenendal 

Cofounder & CTO

Matt is a hands-on coding CTO, a technology polyglot, but his true passion is gaming, a passion that he tries to transform into an all-out management methodology.

He excels both in learning cutting-edge tech as well as building and developing engineering teams to maturity.

 Aaron Hall 

Cofounder & CSO

Aaron is a Tech, Hospitality, and Real Estate Development executive with over 20 years of experience leveraging technology to optimize diverse industries. An entrepreneur at heart, he originally co-founded both Optic Power and Sales Clover and is always looking to disrupt or innovate using software solutions and new technologies.


Global Finance Manager

As our Global Financial Manager, JP provides the top management with key and relevant business & financial insights for strategic decision-making.He’s preceeded by 15+ years of experience in financial management, in both national and multinational companies.

 Daniel Zacharias 

SVP of Engineering

Daniel is a highly experienced engineering manager with over 18 years of working in Software Development, both in consulting and tech companies. He builds autonomous and empowered engineering teams that add value early on, pragmatically balancing results and quality.

 Mike Maschwitz 

SVP of Marketing

Mike is an experienced full-stack marketing professional. For more than 15 years, he’s been leading successful marketing teams in Latin America and USA. He specializes in Digital Marketing with a strong emphasis on scaling B2B technology companies via growth marketing.

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