Who We Are 

We power companies and help accelerate their growth. We are Code Power, Sales Clover, and Process Power.



We are on a mission to fuel our clients’ growth and empower our people to be the best version of themselves.

With over 300 employees distributed in 18 countries, we provide time zone aligned B2B professional services across the globe.

Building and growing a company is hard. New or old, big or small, we give your company the power you need, and the right optics for any stage.


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We help companies grow and tap their true potential. From software engineering and technology solutions to auxiliary game systems development. From sales to specialized business operations. We are the B2B professional services provider your company needs.

We love fueling our clients’ growth through our unique combo of unparalleled expertise, unbridled commitment, and gamer enthusiasm. We are passionate about empowering our people to be the best version of themselves through our culture of consistent feedback, unceasing coaching, and continuous learning.

Our team services some of the biggest companies in the world. We’ve powered companies that are just starting out to enterprise-level businesses. We’ve grown companies to unicorn status and watched them exit for millions. No matter the size, we power companies to become leaders, trailblazers, trendsetters.


We believe in the power of assembling remote teams, because there are no borders for great talent.

We’ve built a successful and empowering workplace that establishes the foundations of our work ethics and skyrockets our clients’ growth.

 We care about our people. 

 Our people care about their teams. 

 Our teams care about our clients. 


We believe in the remote-first philosophy, and our exceptional team, composed of people from all walks of life, is what makes us stand out.

Our approach has led us to build a company culture that learns and evolves by connecting and embracing the inherent differences that a team remotely located worldwide brings.

 We value transparency, accountability, 
 innovation, and collaboration among 
 our team members. 

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Want to be part of a people-first company that can spark your creativity and challenge your skills?

At the heart of everything we do at Optic Power is a passionate pursuit of growth, but we aren't just fueling our clients' growth. We're helping over 300 employees flourish professionally and personally.